Kiln Dried Hardwood Ash Logs in nets


We are now a supplier of hardwood kiln dried logs. The logs are ash and have a moisture content of around 20%. All logs are split to a maximum 10″. Being of excellent value you can purchase 30 nets which is equivalent to a builders bag or bulk bag for £120 inc. vat.

Kiln Dried Logs – 10kg Net
This net contains high quality, hardwood ash logs that have been through a kiln drying process making them perfectly dry and ready to burn on your open fire or wood burning stove. The logs are dried for 7 days in a wood kiln and have a low moisture content . This low moisture content ensures the logs burn hotter for longer and increases the efficiency of your stove or appliance.

Our kiln dried ash nets are ideally suited for the occasional user.

Nets are supplied in a 650mm x 450mm net, typically 11-14 logs per net.

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Product Description

Kiln dried firewood logs burn with a higher heat output and greater efficiency than seasoned logs, giving better fuel efficiency and fewer problems with stoves and flues. Kiln dried hardwood fire logs can give up to 3 times as much heat as part seasoned softwood logs.